About Us
We Provide High quality Tech Support that goes beyond the Normal Service call
and assistance. Our Team of Engineers Pulls from our Cultural roots of
Southern Louisiana Hospitality to Deliver Technical Solutions for Small Business
and Residences with Respect and Kindness that is lacking in today's service
Boot State Technologies
Bridging Technology and Community
Designing and Deploying networks,
Managing End to End Technical
challenges, and educating the
Customer in proper maintenance
and usage.
Deploying CCTV, Networking, VM
Ware, and Disaster Recovery
equipment for Banks, Hotels,
Restaurants, Industries,
Pharmacies, and Residences
Managed CCTV Security Cameras
Managed AV/Spyware Protection
High Speed Internet Provider
Managed Server Maint. and Support
Managed Data Recovery and backup
Managed Internet Content Protection
With over 20 yrs Experience, No
challenge is too Big for us to look
at. Call or Email us today for a free
Welcome to our Family
We Look Forward to Assisting you Resolve any Technical Challenges that you are currently facing.
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